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Letter from our Governance Team

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Hello Trinity congregation,

Yes, the summer is here! The heavy blankets can come off our beds and our fans will be plugged in and ready alongside the jugs of ice water. During last year's heat we learned various techniques for staying safe. Preparation this year should be easier when necessary.

The Trinity Annual General Meeting is on Sunday, June 26 during the regular church service. The Governance team encourages all to attend at 10:30 for a blend of worship and meeting in-person or on ZOOM. The report has been sent out to all Trinity attendee emails and mailed by Canada post to those without emails. Thank you to all who prepared reports and thank you, Zoë, for putting this easy-to-read document together.

We celebrate the Doers planning team for hosting the first “in-person” Doers meeting since early 2020! The work of the church isn’t done without good communication and effort by many. Being together in person gives us all a lift and sometimes it seems we are happier to “Do”.  The lawn mower on the Shaughnessy church lawn has been getting more creative…. two beating hearts drawn in the grass! The butterflies and bees will be happier!

Any questions, concerns or suggestions can be taken to members of the Governance team personally or messaged to the church office. The summertime office volunteers will have access to the voicemails and emails keeping Trinity United Church’s communication open.

Blessings from Trinity United Church Governance Team,
Pat McCann, Wendy Squires, Robert Nicolson, Rev David Cathcart, Judi Carroll, and Syd Sawyer


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