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Letter from our Governance Team

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Hello Trinity congregation;

Spring has been good to its usual promises: rain, hail, wind and sun. We bless the variety and enjoy the green growth, birds singing and neighbours spending more time outdoors! Our church lawn has had its first cut thanks to Sheri, and the weeds are showing their faces calling those who really like to see order.

Thank you to all who participated in the Doers meeting this week. Working together on decisions, hearing each others’ thoughts and communicating the important work of our congregation is key to having a healthy church family.

A few have asked, "What is the course that Governance team is attending?" The Course is called “Moving from Decision Making to Discernment” led by Susan Beaumont. This week a line that was highlighted said: “In Spiritual discernment we seek to bring God’s ways and our ways into congruence.”

Holy week is upon us. In closing I’d like to quote from “Easter for Progressive Christians” by Donald Schmidt:

“The truth behind the powerful myth shared at Easter
is that the Risen Christ knows each of us and calls us by name.
God’s intimate love for each of us cannot ever be diminished.”

May peace come to all this Holy week,
Trinity United Governance team: Judi Carroll, Wendy Squires, Pat McCann, Rev. Cathcart, and Syd Sawyer

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