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Envelopes for 2022
The envelopes for 2022 are set out in the Choir Rm organized by last name.
On Sat Jan 8th, Dave S. will open Trinity to let people pick up their envelopes between 10 am and 2 pm. If you can’t make it, perhaps ask a friend to pick them up for you.

New Env. signup sheet
If you wish to have new envelopes, then sign the sheet beside the envelopes (or email me) and I will assign you a new set.

Option Opportunities
Also available is an Option sheet outlining more detail about other ways to donate besides using Envelopes.
    PAR - PreAuthorized Remittance
    e-Transfer from your bank to Trinity’s
    Trinity’s website - has a Donate button

PAR application
If you wish to start donating monthly with PAR then the application form is here to review. You provide a VOID cheque and the Monthly amount you would like to donate (around the 15th of the month). You will get a new Env. # to use for Special donations (Xmas, Easter,etc)

If you would like to adjust your current PAR donation, please email me.

Dave Squires,   Envelope Secretary